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callout post


@yknow-fuck is a goddamn enabler and a terrible influence


I have no idea what you’re talking about

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Mermans by Nesskain

So here for buff rugged mermen

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A predator in her natural environment


Bumblebee/Drift thought:

TLK Drift continues to playfully call Bumblebee a ‘pup’, and Bee acts all indignant about it whenever he uses the name in front of others, but secretly he loves it.

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Transformers (2007)


In case any of you weren’t aware, this is what Tyran Starscream looked like prior to Earth

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Just a photoset to appreciate my favorite metal bird (:


Have you guys ever been disinterested in a certain topic, but you will still read about it if there’s drama relating to it.

Like, I am the furthest thing from a Star Wars fan and have only seen the original movies in snippets and pieces… but I am totally in the Star Wars Discourse™ fandom.


Me: [sees I haven’t purged my followers in a while]

Me: bi and pan are the same thing


“Anthem can be played solo”

I mean… other than raid and crucible, Destiny can be played solo too, and look how much good that does for it.

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Feels like home ♥


I know I’m not the only weirdo who drains their phone battery at night listening to let’s plays as a way to sleep, but does anyone else have like, their FAVORITE that they like to listen to? Like you’ve listened to it so much that you could probably quote the commentary verbatim



fifty ways to kiss someone.   send me a 💏 and i will randomise a number in order for my muse to kiss yours…

  1. …good morning.
  2. …goodnight.
  3. …goodbye.
  4. …where it hurts.
  5. …where it doesn’t hurt.
  6. …on a falling tear.
  7. …to shut them up.
  8. …in secrecy.
  9. …in public.
  10. …desperately.
  11. …in joy.
  12. …in grief.
  13. …discreetly.
  14. …casually.
  15. …passionately.
  16. …lazily.
  17. …to distract.
  18. …as encouragement.
  19. …for luck.
  20. …on a scar.
  21. …on a place of insecurity.
  22. …in a rush of adrenaline.
  23. …in relief.
  24. …in danger.
  25. …as a ‘yes’.
  26. …as an apology.
  27. …as a suggestion.
  28. …as a lie.
  29. …as a promise.
  30. …as comfort.
  31. …after a small rejection.
  32. …to wake yours up.
  33. …forcefully.
  34. …to pretend.
  35. …to gain something.
  36. …to give up control.
  37. …without a motive.
  38. …because yours is running out of time.
  39. …because mine is.
  40. …because the world is ending.
  41. …because the world is saved.
  42. …out of pride.
  43. …out of greed.
  44. …out of lust.
  45. …out of anger.
  46. …out of envy or jealousy.
  47. …out of spite.
  48. …out of habit.
  49. …out of necessity.
  50. …out of love.


Fic pet peeve #149

“traditionally macho male character couldn’t stop thinking how tiny and delicate non-traditionally macho male character was, how slight and fragile compared to his own towering, rippled physique”

motherfucker one dude is 5'8, the other is 5'10, and there’s maybe 25 pounds difference between them, what the fuck are you on about


I know this place has sorta just become a dumping ground for personal posts, but I promise I’ll be back to posting art soon. Im picking up my adapters and a new pen for my tablet Friday, and you guys can bet your asses I’m gonna spend all day Friday breaking that shit in, I’ve missed working digitally so badly. Prepare for a shitty art spam then.

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More pictures of the baby because I miss her and I’m so excited to have her here soon ~

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I’m still missing a lot of stuff (especially my pillows orz) but my bedroom is coming along and starting to look like mine (:

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Bringing her to her new home Monday, so excited 😊

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